Power BI Pro Fundamental

April 22, 2022

Power BI Pro Fundamental

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Microsoft Power BI has been replaced with a far more powerful version Power BI Pro which combines Power BI Services, Desktop, and Mobile into a formidable business intelligence and analytics package. In this course, purnamaacademy’ trainer will shows how and why to get the most out of this toolset, including Power BI Publisher and the Power BI mobile apps. In this course, the trainer shows how and why to get the most out of this package : Power BI, Power BI Publisher, and the Power BI mobile apps. Learn how to connect to external data sources and upload CSV and Excel files, and then use Power BI Pro to create insightful reports, visualizations, and dashboards, complete with charts and maps. Get further insights from your data with Power BI Q&A and Microsoft Cortana, and then share the results withcolleagues. Trainer will also covers the desktop and mobile versions of the software, which allow you to conduct analysis offline or on the go.


  1. Signing up for Power BI Pro
  2. Connecting to Data Sources
  3. Uploading Data such as CSV and XLS files
  4. Creating Reports, Visualizations, Charts, and Maps
  5. Filtering, Sorting, Copying, and Pasting Visualizations
  6. Downloading Custom Visuals from The Gallery
  7. Modifying Existing Reports
  8. Creating and Managing Data Dashboards
  9. Querying Data with Power BI Q&A and Microsoft Cortana
  10. Sharing Report and Dashboards
  11. Using Power BI Desktop and Mobile Apps

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Case Study



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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


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  • (0274) 4291-355 (08:00 – 16:00)
  • 0811 2938 847

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Power BI Pro Fundamental
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