E-Learning – Medium Voltage HI-POT Test

August 13, 2022

E-Learning – Medium Voltage HI-POT Test

Jadwal Pelatihan E-Learning – Medium Voltage HI-POT Test

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Hi-pot is one of the most important tests that are needed to verify the insulation quality for an electrical equipment. If you are a Power engineer, Technician, Test engineer, Quality Assurance and Quality Control personnel, Commissioning engineer, Project engineer, Site engineer, Site supervisor, Project Control authority, or even a Fresh engineer seeking for a career development, then this is a prime course for you. Starting from theory to test devices and ending with the practical implementation of Hi-Pot test, you will have a complete guidance that will assist you to choose the correct test type and be sure about test value and duration.


  1. Introduction What Is Hi-Post Test
  2. Pre-test Guidelines
    • Testing equipment
    • Recommended testing procedure
    • Preparation for testing
  3.  Hi-Pot Testing Procedures for Medium Voltage
    • Continuous methode
    • Step method
    • Reccomended testing procedure
  4.  Common testing problem
  5. Fault Locating
  6. Checklist

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E-Learning – Medium Voltage HI-POT Test
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