Intermediate to Advanced LCA in SimaPro

March 14, 2020

Intermediate to Advanced LCA in SimaPro

Jadwal Pelatihan Intermediate to Advanced LCA in SimaPro

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Designed with the intermediate to advanced level LCA practitioner in mind, this course will provide participants with an overview of advanced life cycle assessment concepts to fortify and strengthen their abilities and will provide a unique hands on learning experience utilizing SimaPro software.

Participants will be provided an understanding of the more complicated elements of performing an LCA in SimaPro, and may include Impact Assessment Method modeling and development, use of Parameters, Recycling and End of Life modelling as well as all facets of Interpretation including handling of uncertainty. Throughout the course will gain an understanding of the challenges and pitfalls in advanced life cycle assessment through explanation and exercises that will strengthen their expertise as an LCA practitioner.


This course is designed to help experienced LCA practitioners move to the next level by digging into difficult issues and working through real problems with the help of leaders in the field and fellow students. The course is always different as it takes its content from the needs of the attendees. You will be exposed to the latest thinking in LCA, including the conflicting views of those in the forefront of LCA development as well as clearly identified biases on the part of the instructors. Starting from the premise that we can learn something from many different ways of considering the same problem, students often find ways to make their studies more robust as well as new ways to create value from their work.


  • Life Cycle Impact Assessment Methods
  • Customizing an Impact Assessment Method
  • Parameters
  • Recycling
  • Modeling
  • End of Life Modelling
  • Interpretation: Sources of Uncertainty, Model Evaluation and/or Identifying Significant Issues
  • Dealing With Missing Data
  • Dealing With Poor Quality Data
  • Allocation Issues (Examples: Crops and Residue, Coproducts)

Training Method



Case Study



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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


Pick Up Participant (Jogja Only)

Form Registrasi Pelatihan / Training

Jika anda berkeinginan untuk mengikuti Pelatihan Intermediate to Advanced LCA in SimaPro, anda bisa langsung menghubungi salah satu nomor kami di bawah ini:

  • (0274) 4291-355 (08:00 – 16:00)
  • 0811 2938 847

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Intermediate to Advanced LCA in SimaPro
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